10-05-2001: This is the day we had the idea of iVideo. It was a really cool day. We had so many ideas and dreams in our heads...

10-15-2001: The team is born

10-17-2001: This website is online

01-09-2002: First step: the import using FireWire is working!

02-28-2002: 2nd step: import and export of video files, sequencer; chutier

04-29-2002: 3d step:we have merged all our parts, saving, drag & drop

06-17-2002: Last step: many optimisations like multithreading

08-29-2002: Update 0.7.2:
- Many bugs fixes
- Jaguar & QT6 compatible
- Cleaning of a part of the code
- New Preference Panel which allows to import videos without converting into DV
- iVideo has now all the main features of QuickTime 6, including MPEG4 export

11-10-2002: iVideo becomes OpenSource and is hosted by SourceForge.net!
- Major web site improvements