iVideo is a multitrack video editing software on Mac OS X, created in Cocoa (Objective-C) and using QuickTime with a cool look & feel ;-).
First, we developed it because we wanted a powerful software for all general video purposes, so our goal was to include all the features of QuickTime Pro and iMovie in one free software.
iVideo is almost complete: you can import videos from digital cameras (using FireWire) or from any QuickTime format supported files, then you can edit, modify, mix them and even apply any video effect on or between them. After this steps, you can export them to any QuickTime supported format. All this features for free!
But now, we can not care anymore about debugging and updating iVideo, this is why we put it on SourceForge.net, so anybody can view or download the source code and continue our work.
If you know well Cocoa or/and QuickTime, be sure we'll be grateful if you could add any feature or take part of the development. The biggest part of the work is already done!